LAN Messenger As A Preventer From External Threats.

When it comes to internal company’s lan messaging apps on the matters which shall always remain in secret, data security is an issue of vital performance. Nowadays, technologies have enabled employees to be more efficient when it comes to being constantly in touch with each other and thus expedite the working processes in the company. What is rarely taken into account, though, is through which channels do this communication happens and whether these are secure enough.

For those wondering how to increase the level of safety from data leaks, LAN messenger poses an answer. This well-known messaging tool enables offline connections among people at the same company or the so-called local area network. The latter stands for the interconnected computers within a limited area being an office, university, and so on. With the help of the LAN messenger it becomes possible to prevent any unwanted breaches of the company’s security.

How Corporate Instant Messenger Isolates External Threats

First and foremost, the network messaging system’s main role would be to ensure that all the information within a company is transmitted instantly and safely. Therefore, an installment of such a system requires neither an active Internet connection nor the server. Moreover, it offers a number of additional functions making the interaction rather smooth and more appealing to the eye by means of formatting and also the ability to add some emoticons.

As regards the data safety, the following are some of the office messenger’s features enabling those:

  • strong and proven encryption: once you have typed your message into the tool, it automatically gets encrypted for any of the external entities which may want to get it. Moreover, the restricted nature of the network access makes it hardly possible for others to get a gateway to the information;
  • various types of conversations: LAN chat usually possesses great functionality when it comes to chatting. Hence you can talk to a colleague directly in a private chat, or organize a group one to share information with a larger amount of people or even post it to the message board;
  • easy to execute file transfer: apart from properly encrypted messages, the office chat also enables the sending of various files. Just in a few minutes the materials or the whole folder of those may be transferred to the addressee provided that he or she is online;
  • message history: another important detail when it comes to the secure messaging service efficiency is that all of the messages are actually stored locally or in a network share.

All in all, one of the greatest impediments to one’s business and its profitability is the leak of information which may impact the market situation. Not to let these happen all of the enterprises shall consider data security as a primary concern and implement all the possible measures to ensure it. LAN messengers are one of those as they enable protected and effortless interaction within a company without any additional requirements as to Internet connection or servers.