Why It Would Be Better To Use LAN Messenger?

There have been so many scandals concerning data misuse in recent years that the security issue is a vital one in the nowadays world. Especially, when it comes to communications within a company or a corporation, the content of which has to be protected from hacks and external interference. In light of these concerns, many businesses turn to the not-so-new but still efficient LAN messenger tool https://www.lanmessenger.net possessing a number of perks we are going to discuss below.

However, first of all, let us dwell on the very meaning of the LAN messenger term. It is worth starting by explaining the LAN which stands for local area networks and thus means a number of computers connected within one area. As regards business messenger, this means an instant messaging tool that people may use within one LAN effortlessly and securely. This means that the data sent within the network will never get outside of it and for modern business operations, this is of crucial importance.

Benefits of Using Corporate Instant Messenger

Wherever you may work, you will always need to communicate with your team peers or managers not in person but rather with the help of computer-related tools. While some companies use specially developed software like Slack, more and more entities turn to a more secure option for network messaging. This change does definitely happen for specific reasons which we have gathered in the list below:

  • no Internet connection required: if you are working in an office where there might be problems with electricity or WiFi, a corporate instant messenger is something you would definitely appreciate. Hence you and your colleagues are working within one local network, and you would be able to use the tool even offline. Messages sent offline, though, will only be received when the addressee is back online again, so take this into account;
  • guaranteed security: owing to the enhanced encryption and limited access to the whole LAN system, such an office messenger does protect the company from business espionage as well as information leaks;
  • multifunctionality: there are no restrictions as to the number of characters your letter may contain as well as the size of the files you intend to exchange. Moreover, you are more than welcome to use emoticons as well as various font formats to emphasize a certain part of the text;
  • no additional server is required: you do not need to set up and maintain a dedicated messaging server as windows messenger is a stand-alone peer-to-peer based communication tool.

All in all, when looking at how communications within the companies have changed in the light of security concerns, a vivid pattern of LAN chat cannot but catch one’s eye. This tool is not only secure and easy to use but also has several functional features that make it of no crucial difference to the online chats everyone used when talking to friends or relatives. Nevertheless, such a messenger makes communication instant, secure, and offline, it can not but be underestimated.