File Sharing And Mutual Using Via Lan Messenger

If there is something what shall never be tolerated by the employees at the company is the constant network malfunctions and inability to properly conduct one’s duties. In the situations when broadband connection is poor and does not allow for that speed everyone is looking forward to, it is worthwhile changing things. And one may begin with implementation of a lan messenger like this app as a main tool for inner communications and data sharing.

For those not quite acquainted with the whole lan messenger concept, here are a few things we would like to explain to you first. LAN stands for local area network meaning in other words an array of computers which are interconnected. In this case, the addition of a messenger transforms the term into a communication tool which may be used offline for instant chatting and file sharing within this very local area network.

How Does File Sharing Work In Lan Chat?

The basic thing to understand and remember about the corporate instant messaging services that it enables people to come in contact quicker and with less effort. This has to do with the fact that neither an active connection nor a server is required for it to function. Thus, people in the same network can work almost without any impediments on the part of the poor broadband connection or inability to send an urgent message.

However, one of the most striking features of such a network messaging is a unique ability to transfer files and use them within  group of people. Below is a short step-by-step explanation on how to share files with the help of the business messenger:

  • Step 1: open the tool from the taskbar notification area;
  • Step 2: begin a conversation with the addressee of the files or folders intended for transfer. Make sure that you are aware of the fact that file sending can only be performed when an addressee is online;
  • Step 3: drag and drop the files or folders onto the Conversation window. The sending will begin by default;
  • Step 4: downloading process will automatically begin at the computer of the addressee. Upon completion of the files’ sending, a link to the folder storing received files appears in the Conversation window.

The sharing files algorithm is rather an easy one to conduct and rather efficient one to use in the daily operations of the company. What is more, these office messengers do not only allow us to send data back and forth immediately but also to be certain of their safety. Given that encryption is much more stronger on lan tools rather than the online ones, it is highly advisable to use it for the corporate communications not to let any data be stolen or leaked.

For more information check this video guide:

All in all, for those especially interested in the safe and immediate transfer of bulks of data, there is an efficient solution known as lan messenger.