LAN Messenger As A Preventer From External Threats.

When it comes to internal company’s lan messaging apps on the matters which shall always remain in secret, data security is an issue of vital performance. Nowadays, technologies have enabled employees to be more efficient when it comes to being constantly in touch with each other and thus expedite the working processes in the company. What is rarely taken into account, though, is through which channels do this communication happens

File Sharing And Mutual Using Via Lan Messenger

If there is something what shall never be tolerated by the employees at the company is the constant network malfunctions and inability to properly conduct one’s duties. In the situations when broadband connection is poor and does not allow for that speed everyone is looking forward to, it is worthwhile changing things. And one may begin with implementation of a lan messenger like this app as a main tool for …

Encrypted Offline Chat As A Guarantee for Security

However convenient and useful online communications may be, it is still almost impossible to entrust them one’s personal data. Security of information comes into light for both private and legal persons especially considering the recent scandals of data leaks and hacks. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for companies as well as individuals to make sure their data are properly stored and protected. To do so one may recourse to

Instant Messages Regardless Of The Internet Connection Speed

In the corporate world where all professionals from messenger can be found,  things should work faultlessly, there is always a risk of some malfunction which could harm the operations of the whole company significantly. This risk is usually associated with the Internet connection issue. When you have been doing some presentation or writing an explanatory letter to your colleague with all of the details of the matter and then

Why It Would Be Better To Use LAN Messenger?

There have been so many scandals concerning data misuse in recent years that the security issue is a vital one in the nowadays world. Especially, when it comes to communications within a company or a corporation, the content of which has to be protected from hacks and external interference. In light of these concerns, many businesses turn to the not-so-new but still efficient LAN messenger tool possessing a number …