Encrypted Offline Chat As A Guarantee for Security

However convenient and useful online communications may be, it is still almost impossible to entrust them one’s personal data. Security of information comes into light for both private and legal persons especially considering the recent scandals of data leaks and hacks. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for companies as well as individuals to make sure their data are properly stored and protected. To do so one may recourse to the usage of lan messenger which we will discuss in more detail in the article below.

To begin with, it is necessary to explain the meaning of the lan messenger and its implications. Thus, lan chat is considered to be an instant messaging program for computers used within a single local area network (LAN) solely. The latter means a few PCs among which data may be transferred and which are interconnected. Such areas usually exist in companies, schools, universities or public authorities’ offices.

What Is So Special About Corporate Instant Messenger?

The most important feature of the local area network and thus an office messenger too is that it operates without any active Internet connection or central server. This means that the information exchanged through an offline office messenger is unlikely to be stolen or hacked which is not a thing to take for granted when using online communication tools.

To understand what exactly makes such network messaging so secure and trustworthy, we have compiled a list of its distinct features:

  • straightaway data encryption: the moment you send lan message it gets encrypted. Obviously, encryption means security as it protects from understanding of a message by others who might get access to it even though was not meant to;
  • multifunctionality: usually, these business messengers do not only allow you to talk to a colleague offline but also suggest a number of things you can do there. The basic ones include but are not limited to public chats, message boards, whiteboards, message filtration, file transfer and even usage of emoticons;
  • message history: these tools are also able to keep track of the message history by saving them locally or to a network share. In the long run it may help you in your working tasks as there is always access to the information you have once received;
  • remote desktop sharing: wherever you are and whatever kind of problem with the windows messenger you may experience, you can always ask a person in the office to connect to your LAN messenger remotely and fix it.

To wrap things up, there will rarely be a company or an individual who would willingly subject itself or oneself to all of the dangers of data leakage or misuse. However, with an easy-to-use and install LAN solution it becomes possible to keep communications secure within a particular network through strong encryption and limited network access.